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Question: Do I need at least 3% down payment to purchase a home?

Answer: You can purchase a home with no money down; however, more down payment you can put down, your chance of getting better financing increases.

Question: Do I need great credit & income to purchase a home

Answer: Financing is available to all income & credit types.

Question: Why do I need a RealtorĀ® to help me find a home with all of the technology and advertising available?

The Internet and newspaper ads are good places to start researching the current housing market. You can also find information to help answer many of your financing questions. Once you have looked at what's available to you, it's time to get a professional involved. You might spend hours scanning newspaper ads and home magazines, driving through neighborhoods looking for "for sale" signs, phoning on individual listings, and still miss the opportunity to see some of the best homes available. A professional RealtorĀ® will save you time, money and make a wealth of information resources available.

Question: What should I consider when I start to look for a home?

First, you should put together a list of features and benefits you want in a home. Think of such things as pricing, location, size, and amenities. If you can't get a home at the price you want with all the features you are looking for, figure out what features are most important to you and rank them in priority so you know what you're willing to sacrifice. Would you rather have a large kitchen and smaller bedrooms?

Question: How can I lower my monthly payment?

Answer: You should try to get the best loan available to you. Determine how long you will be owning the property then decide if fixed loan, ARM or interest only loan would best suit your need. Also, if you have extra bedrooms, you can rent them out to reduce your monthly payment.

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