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Prepare your home for sale

It is important to attract as many potential buyers to your property as possible. In preparing the home for sale, it is important to look at it through the "buyer's eyes". People buy what they see. Make sure your property looks as appealing and uncluttered as the home you would like to buy.


Needs to be as clean as possible. Curbside appeal is a very strong factor. What a buyer sees on the outside can give them a negative feeling of your house regardless how nice the inside is. An unkempt outside can also cause a potential buyer not to initiate a call on your property.

Things that are recommended:
Check paint and wood conditions of the house
Make sure the front door and trim are in good condition
Clean the walkways.
Weed the area of overgrown plants and weeds
Keep the lawn regularly cut, edged and trim trees.
Make sure the outside lights are operational.
Dispose of any dead plants, flowers, and trees.
Put away tools, garbage cans, hoses, toys, and building
materials neatly in the garage.
Clean windows and front door. Paint window trim and front door if needed.


Kitchen, baths, and the masterbedroom are important to the buyer. Remove the clutter from the rooms as well as the closets. Box it, sell it, or store it. The less clutter the better. It will make the rooms look larger and your potential buyers can more readily envision their furnishings in the space.

Things that are recommended:
Clean the widows and open curtains to bring more light in.
Dirty carpets should be cleaned or replaced unless you are willing to give carpet allowance.
If you have pets make sure litter is changed or clean.
Make the beds in every rooms.
Clean the bathroom, empty the bathroom wastebasket and hang up towels and remove unnecessary items from the sink area. New shower curtains, tile & grout always look great.
Make closets more appealing by storing seasonal clothes elsewhere. Go ahead and pack them up since you are moving anyway.
Clear all unnecessary objects from the kitchen countertops. If it hasn't been used for three months, pack it away.
Clear refrigerator fronts of messages, pictures, etc. A sparse kitchen helps the buyer mentally move his or her own things into your kitchen.
Clean fireplace if there was one in the house.
Remove all magazines, books, toys, and worn furnishings. It will make a difference.
Discard worn furniture and move extra furniture to a storage area. Too much furniture makes the room look small.
Ensure all light bulbs are operating throughout house and add lamps in dar rooms.
Fix leaky faucets since it is inexpensive fix and it might scare away potential buyer. They might think there is something wrong with the plumbing.
Set out fresh flowers

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